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Feminism in War Reporting

Essai Anglais Document électronique Licence 39 pages


The Era of the Velvet Ghetto: To what extent can the evolution of women’s position in war reportage since the Second World War be explained by Djerf-Pierre’s theory of ‘The Gender of Journalism’? This project analyses the evolution of women’s position of influence within the professional field of war reportage since the Second World War, with the research question focusing upon the extent to which said evolution can be critically explained by Monika Djerf-Pierre’s (2007) theory of the ‘Gender of Journalism’. Djerf-Pierre’s theory itself describes three distinct eras throughout modern history in which the influence of women, within the broader field of journalism, has changed, justifying the progression of these eras by drawing upon Pierre Bourdieu’s (2001) theory of ‘Masculine Domination’. What Bourdieu, in turn, suggests is that a gender’s power within a specific field is predicated upon a balance of three factors: politics, economics, and professionalism, while Djerf-Pierre uses the prominence of each, the balance some might say, to serve as classification for each of the three aforesaid eras.


Women’s rights and representation within professional fields have been a subject of discussion for some time now and, although there is a comprehensive collection of literature concerning the rights and representation of women within the broad field of journalism, there is a much sparser extent of literature relating to the more niche category of war reportage. Such an omission should be considered surprising due to the ongoing breakdown of stereotypical perceptions of women being unable to cope...
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