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Market Survey Pulco


Business plan - importation du produit Pulco en Autriche
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1/ General presentation
1) Presentation of the company
Pulco is a brand from the company Orangina Schweppes France.
About Orangina Sweppes France...
The vision
The company wants to make a difference by developing its position of leader in fruit drinks in
• Orangina Schweppes France is the French filial of the company Orangina Schweppes, the leader
des drinks without gas with fruits in Western Europe and the third leader on the European
market of without alcohol with gas drinks
• The Company employs almost 2500 collaborators.
• The company sells its products in more than thirty different countries et the turnover was
exceeding one billion Euros in 2009.
• 75% of these sales are in Spain, Portugal and France.
• Orangina Schweppes France owns about twenty different brands. The five main brands are :
Orangina, Schweppes, Oasis, Trina et Pulco. These five brands represent 70% of the commercial
activities of the group.
About Pulco...
• All started in 1971, when Marie Brizard, collaborating with Ralli, launched a concentrated
lemon juice that you can mix with anisette, with the name of Cresca.
• This was such a big success, that in 1973, the name of the brand was supposed to change to be
Sunbrise. However, this name already existed for another product, so they called it Pulco.
• In 1977, the brand covered 90% of this market part recently created.
• In 1981, Mari Brizard bought back Pulco Ralli-Aubagne.
• In 1982, the brand launched Pulco Orange, Pulco Lime in 1989 and Pulco Citrus fruits in 2000.
• In the 80s, a campaign of advertisement is launched, with the famous slogan : "Il fait trop
chaud pour travailler" (It is too warm too work) and the legendary single “Pulco, Pulco, Pulco
citron" (Pulco, Pulco, Pulco lemon).
• In the years 2006 and 2007, five new flavors have been launched, sweeter.
• In 2007, the flavors lemon, raspberry, strawberry, orange, peach and litchi are elected " Flavors
of the year 2007".
• This same year 2007, the group Orangina Schweppes buys back the brand Pulco.
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