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Candidature Scientific Specialist | Anglais

Ce dossier, CV + lettre de motivation, a été rédigé par l'un des tuteurs-rédacteurs de MyStudies dans le cadre d'une candidature pour un poste de Scientific Specialist Manager.

MyStudies Pack CV Lettre de Motivation

MyStudies Pack CV Lettre de Motivation

Group XYZ
Postcode City

Chemin du Jura 1
Naz, Switzerland
Email: juliendupont@gmail.com

Tuesday the 17 December 2019.

Application for the XYZ manager position at ABC company.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to apply for the above position and hope to demonstrate how much I could bring to you. Indeed, my management experience as a scientific specialist in large and medium companies perfectly matches your expectations for the XYZ manager role. As a laboratory specialist for Philip Morris, I managed projects in link with the professional customers account and suppliers. I have also been responsible for project management of technology laboratory development which has given me a global view of logistic systems for the scientific industry.

In addition, my various assignments as project manager and laboratory scientist specialised in logistic have been successful throughout their development, improving the operational and financial performance of supply-chain and marketing. This success was the result of many efforts - often at night - but my ambition for each project, combined with its leaders’ vision, made it possible to surpass the initial objectives. Finally, I have constantly trained - professionally and personally - in the financial, communication and organisational aspects of business management to evolve towards a XYZ manager role.

This career development, validated by my scientific logistic experience and my education background, will allow me to quickly integrate to lead the XYZ team in contact with the executive and financial management.

Indeed, within the ABC Group, I will have the opportunity to work with international clients in the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors in accordance with my industrial expertise and my linguistic skills. In addition, I also appreciate the organisational aspect of the position with the writing of internal and external reports and documents that will allow me to set objectives and report on achievements so that the team exceeds expectations in terms of objectives within the given deadlines.

Finally, involvement in an innovative company like ABC is an additional source of motivation for my application for this position because I want to propose innovative and creative solutions to improve XYZ management, in a group that encourages and supports initiatives and new ideas.

In summary, I believe I am qualified and meet the criteria for this position because my career has so far demonstrated my work ethos (in accordance with my human values), team spirit, as well as strong technical skills in business and project management in scientific companies. I would be grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate my abilities and commitment in an interview.

I look forward to receiving your reply, best regards.


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